Sadu's Music


Sadasivan KM Nambisan popularly known as "SADU" in the Music fraternity was born on 7 th September in a small town Payannur, which is in Kannur district of Kerala . Sadu's father Dr K.M.V.Nambisan was with Civil Defense department of the Central government and was at that time posted in The Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu. Sadu's mother Devi kutty was a home maker. Sadu was the eldest of the three siblings the other two are Ranjit Kumar three years younger and Dr Nishanth six years younger to him.

As his father was posted in The Nilgiris Sadu had his initial education in Central School , Aruvankadu. When he was in fifth standard his father was transferred to Itarsi a small town near the capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. He completed his higher secondary from Central School , Ordinance Factory, Itarsi. Until then Sadu was never in the music scene. He once in a while acted in few dramas in the annual functions of his school.

In Twelveth standard Sadu knew about his athletic persona, in few months of training he clocked 11 seconds in 100 mts sprint. He further went on to win the Champion ship titles for three consecutive years in which he won 100, 200 meters & long jump for his college MGM , Itarsi at Dr Hari Singh Gaur University, Sagar. He also came second in the All India Inter University athletic meet held in Calicut, Kerala in 1992.

Simultaneously Sadu's interest for music also developed and he started learning Hindustani Classical from Pandit Brijmohan Dixit . Sadu was good at his academics too, he was a Gold Medallist in his masters degree with specializing in Environmental Chemistry.

His father gifted him a small Casio Synthesizer of two Octaves in 1989 which he got from Germany. It was a very new thing in the vicinity as the electronic musical instruments were just introduced to the World. Sadu kept on playing old film tunes on his beloved keyboard all the time when one of his Father's patient recognized his talent and asked him to play for his Orchestra of Durga Pooja which was very famous those days. For Sadu as he was merely 19 had the responsibility to arrange film songs of the late 50's and 60's which were composed and sung by legends like Talat Mehmood, Hemant Kumar etc.. And to direct these songs with the local singers. The first ever show of his life had 36 great songs with best of the orchestration. The show was a Super Hit in Ordinance Factory and Sadu was a local Star and he was given privilege every where.

These kind of programmes carried on for couple of years until one day the singer of a very famous Orchetra Five Star came searching for him to his home in this small defense campus. Sadu was introduced as a new upcoming live key board player in the district. By the time Sadu started to sing Ghazals of his favorites Ghulam Ali, Mehdi Hassan, Hariharan & Jagjit Singh. In 1992 after completing his M.Sc in Chemistry , as any youngster he started to hunt for job, as he loved traveling he got a job of his choice as a Medical Representative in a Multi National Company

As Sadu was getting famous as a musician it helped him in the profession too so as to compliment his rapo with the Doctors in the vicinity. Side by side Sadu learnt western classical in Piano from Mr. V.C. Vargese from Kerala. He was then approached by a leading Orchestra of that time of Madhya Pradesh , Sargam Musical Group . It was with this musical group Sadu started Singing professionally. Sadu then shifted to the Capital of M.P , Bhopal, Where he started impressing people as a Singer. Mean while he had already self composed, written and sung a dozen songs , He was inspired from Ali Haider . He was obsessed to western music symphony orchestra, he listened to Mozart and Beethoven a lot. His other music inspirations are Salil Choudhri, Illayaraja, Madan Mohan, Talat Mehmood, Yesudas etc.

Through a common mediator Sadu came to meet D J Narain a central government civil servant. DJ also had the same kind of art of composing and writing by self . DJ was totally influenced by the Pop & Rock culture of the West where as Sadu was more into Indian classical music . They recorded many demo cassettes and planned to go to Bombay and give a try with the music companies.

After endless Rolle coaster, result less meetings with many Music Companies , they were called by Polygram Records now Universal Music. After listening to some of their scratches & demos Polygram Records decided to record a a music album. At Polygram they met Jai Walia with the same talent. The Company decided to launch the first Boy Band of India. The company approached Lalit Sen for the arrangement of their songs. In a closed brain storming session to name the band , out of the blue came a name "The Aryans" which all of them liked instantly.

"Ankhon mein Tera hi chehra" was released in 1998 and broke all sales record of those times . The trio came out with their second album of ten songs in the year 2000 called " Yeh hawa kehti hai kya". Which was also a craze among the youth.

Sadu got married to Sunitha in the year 2001 at Payannur. Sunitha is a graduate in arts and was very supportive life partner from day one. In 2002, The Aryans launched their third and yet a Block Buster " Dekha Hai Teri Ankhon Ko". Sadu got great appreciation for his composition and singing in the Music Industry. The Aryans were called as the "Melody Makers". Lots of now established Indian film stars debuted with music videos of The Aryans, Shahid Kapur, Hrishita Bhatt, Shayan Munshi, Nandini Singh to name a few.

They were offered to Remix old film songs from the Music Company which they straight away turned down since they believed in original compositions. They kept on doing lots of live shows through out the Globe. In 2002 Sadu and his wife Sunitha were blessed with a boy whom they named Sayanth.

In 2003 Sadu launched his Pharmaceutical Company Sadu Pharma which was eventually managed by Sadu and his team and then Sunitha was appointed Vice President who later on looked after it.

In the next couple of years. Jai withdrew from the band for his other commitments. Sadu and DJ went on to record album "Hai Dil" for Times Music in 2006 which was appreciated very well. Live shows were in full swing for Aryans as they gave a Rock and Pop mix to the audience.

In 2006 Sadu and Sunitha were blessed with a baby girl whom they named Sandra. Sadu had great love and passion to recite and sing ghazals. All of his friends, foes and close Doctors were great admirers and would ask him to perform ghazal nites for them which he would easily oblige.

In 2008 The Aryans consisting of Sadu and DJ came out with their album "kehta hai dil yahi bar bar" with T series. In the consecutive year 2009 , The Aryans were signed up with "White Feather Films" for a song for their Film "Woodstock villa". They produced a song "kyun" for Sanjay Dutt and also shot the music video with the actor.

Sadu then launched his own music and video production company "Seventh Angle Productions" headed by Sunitha Sadasivan.

His affinity to Ghazals compelled him to record a couplet for a known Music Company. He has composed and sung the poetry of Ali Sikandar Jigar Muradabadi , great urdu poet of his times. The sound of which is very contemporary with a fine amalgamation of western and Indian musical instruments yet not disturbing the melody and ghazal gayaki, The tiltle released by Times Music is 'Mohabbat Mein '.

This blend of hummable melody and good lyrics should impress the youth any time...

Sadu's Indian classical influences and western Classical knowledge combines to give him immense scope and potential to compose songs. Since Sadu was into listening to ghazals and urdu shayri from a very young age, his lyrics also has a tinge and essence of it, creating metaphor of various aspects and experiences of life

Few lines written by Sadu.......

"यारों आज शराब में डूबने को जी चाहता है,
सारे बदन से सितम की बू सी आ रही है !".

"उनके पास मेरी यादें और तमन्नायें हैं,
कोई जा कर उनको इस क़ैद से रिहा करे !".

"ख़ोखली रात है, ना ग़म हैं ना रुसवाई,
आ तू ही मुझे डस ऐ मेरी तन्हाई !".

"इस ज़द्दोज़हद की इस ख़्वाब-ए-तफ्तीश का कोई अंजाम भी हो,
या उस शख्स से दीदार करा जिसे मंज़िल मिल गई !".

"वैसे भी गुलशन में कम नहीं थे कांटे,
लो अब बचे कुचे फूल भी मुरझाने लगे !".

                                                                "आज यूँ तेरी याद अचानक क्यूं है आई,
                                                                      क्या फिर किसी नादान ने मोहब्बत में शिकस्त खाई !".

Few lifted lines of Robert Frost liked by Sadu.....

" The woods are lovely,dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
Miles to go before I sleep.
Miles to go before I sleep."

Sadu is indeed one of those blessed inherited human being with the Multi talent of composing, lyrics writing and singing with the same efficacy. Of late he has taken to the Direction of his music videos produced by his own home production house. No wonder some times he is called the one man army.