Sadu's Music

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Sadu performs with his band. He performs his super hit songs "Ankhon mein tera hi chehra", " Yeh Hawa kehti hai kya" & "Dekha hai Teri aankhon ok" and other numbers with.. Old classic hits and New super hit Hindi songs with a contemporary music arrangement. since he is trained in western classical piano, you can experience harmonies in the songs.. .

Lez.. Party.. He performs sequences of parody clubbed with his songs and super hit fast songs..
The show is an amalgamation of the Rock, Pop & classic numbers..
It certainly is a sold out concert...
A full paisa wasool....

The fused sound of Distorted Guitar, Slap Bass, Drum Kit, Saxophone, Flute, Tabla, Effect Synthesizer with the Classical Based Murkis, aalaps and taans is a perfect Music Blend to be cherished and cheered by the young and the old.

" में चूमता ही रहा, मेरी मंजिल के पत्थर को,
हर पड़ाव के पत्थर को, कोसते रहे पाँव के छाले मेरे !".